10 Best plug-ins for your Art Business

The last couple of art shows I’ve been asked by other artists different business questions about my website, pricing of my work, where I purchased certain supplies, etc.  So, I decided to periodically create a post addressing some of those questions and providing a resource for other upcoming artist.  I thought I would start with my WordPress website and let you know about the 10 best plug-ins I use for my art business.

10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site

If you currently don’t have a blog, I would really recommend you look into starting one.  Social media (which you can read more about here) is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, but those platforms are not yours and you are dependent on their rules and number of characters you can share.  I’m not saying don’t use social media, I use it every day as part of my marketing, but all of my social media work is to drive visitors and potential customers to my own website.  There you can share your work with as many pictures and words as you want.

One of the key factors in having a successful blog is posting on a consistent basis.  You can have the prettiest blog with all the most recent plug-ins available, but if you don’t post on a consistent basis, your visitors will not be back to see your latest creations.  By consistent I mean at least weekly, I post 3-4 times a week and that schedule works great for me.

I’m currently on WordPress, so these plug-ins will only work on that platform.  This post does contain some affiliate links, but all opinions are my own and I happily use each of these plug-ins.

  1. Blogger 301 Redirect and Blogger Import  – I use to have my blog on blogger for the first 2 years, but one of my 2015 goals was to have my own domain name.  So, earlier this year I joined the migration from Blogger to WordPress that is becoming so popular. There are two WordPress sites, .com and .org.  The wordpress.org gives you the capability to have your own domain name and have advertisement plugins also.  I purchased my domain name from Go Daddy and I have my hosting through them also.  That was the easy part, I was very concerned about transferring all of my 100 posts and hundreds of pictures.  I discovered a great You Tube channel that had a very detailed instruction on how to migrate and use these 2 plug-ins to help keep your information intact.                                                      10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site

2.  Google Analytics Dashboard–  This is a great plug-in to get a quick view of your google analytics without having to log in to your google account.  It also gives you information on how each post is performing.                                                                   10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site

3.  Shareaholic share and related buttons– It’s crucial that you share your posts and content.  This plug-in does several things; it makes it easy for you to place social media share buttons at the bottom of each post or page, automatically shows related topic buttons at the end of the post (this helps keep guests on your site) and you can even monetize the buttons by sharing links to other sites.                             10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site


4.  NextGen Gallery– If you are an artist, you want to showcase your work in a gallery or portfolio setting.  This plug-in allows you to load different galleries and easily upload images.                                                                                                                      10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site


5.  PopUp by Supsystic– I use this plug-in as a way for guests to sign up for my newsletter.  I know pop ups can be annoying when you first log in, but it gives you options of when, where and how the image pops up.  You can also use it for your Facebook account.                                                                                                             10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site


6.  Wordfence– You need to protect your site from hackers and malware.  This plug-in is easy to install and not complicated at all.  A secure site runs much faster also.          10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site


7.   MailChimp for WordPress – I use MailChimp as my newsletter provider and this plug-in provides various methods to have subscribers opt-in to your list via your sidebar, opt-in page or ecommerce page.                                                             10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site


8.  Yoast SEO– Each post and page needs to have the best Seach Engine Optimization possible.  This plug-in helps you achieve that by recommending keywords, better content and page url’s.  If you want your content to be found on searches, you need Yoast!                                                                                                  10 Best WordPress plugins for your Art Business site

9.  Click to Tweet – This plugin makes it so easy to share your posts information on Twitter and it’s a great way to interact with your readers by having them tweet your content.  I try to incorporate it into as many posts as I can.

10.    Events – An easy way to keep track of your events and also your local customers will know where to find you next. I add not only my shows, but also my workshops.  This plug-in will show a google map, let’s you keep a list of venues for future events and you can do a list or calendar view.                                                                     10 best plug-ins for your art business www.carmenwhitehead.com

These are are just a few of the plug-ins I have on my site, but definitely the ones I would start off with if I was building a new WordPress site for my art business.  You can build and add from here to create a site that is user friendly, SEO friendly and secure.

Are you using any of these plug-ins?  Maybe you love one that I didn’t mention, share it with us in the comments!

Stay tuned for more posts from me sharing some tips on how I run my art business.

Thanks so much for visiting!




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