10 Wedding Registry Tips

Selecting items for your wedding registry can be a daunting task. But, if you have some guidance, it can be a fun experience for you and your fiance. Here are 10 tips that will help you find everything you need for your wedding registry.

My daughter and her fiance recently completed their wedding registry, but it was all done online! You can still go to big box stores and register there, but they did everything through Zola. They are using the site for their guest list, website, rsvp and now registry. Here are 10 things they learned…

  1. Register for your future home – Right now they live in an apartment, but that won’t be forever. At some point, they will have enough room to entertain, so they registered for place settings for future use and that will become heirlooms.
  2. Pick gifts in different price points – Not everyone on your guest list will be able to afford a $300 Kitchen Aid mixer. So, have options available that are in the $50 or less range. This will give everyone an opportunity to get you something you need.
  3. Upgrade items you already have – Do you have a vacuum cleaner that’s seen better days? Add a nicer vacuum that will last you for years. Upgrade the daily dishes you use to something of more quality.
  4. Think of other seasons – Think of what you would like to do in the Summer and Winter. They registered for camping equipment to use in the Summer. But, also a slow cooker for soups in the Winter. So, think of things that you will use at different times of the year.
  5. The kitchen is always a good place to start – If you’re simply not sure what to get, the kitchen is a perfect place to start. You can immediately think of dishes, glasses, toaster oven, etc. That will get you going and the ideas will start flowing.
  6. Add more than you think you’ll need – Zola gave them guidance on how many items to add. You want to give your guests enough options to choose from. Don’t worry about looking greedy by your guests, they will appreciate the big selection.
  7. Look at your registry every so often – Some couples check the registry off their to-do list and forget about it. But, you’ll want to check it every so often and make sure there are no discontinued items on there or perhaps new items you want now.
  8. Start a honeymoon fund – Are you needing some financial help with the honeymoon? Then Zola gives you the option of a honeymoon fund where guests can contribute money directly to that fund. Your dream honeymoon is all that much closer!
  9. Have someone review your registry – Once you feel you’re done with selections, have someone you trust review your registry. I reviewed theirs and found that they were missing some kitchen and linen items. Once I explained why they would need them, they quickly added them. Sometimes a second pair of eyes is needed.
  10. Make the registry uniquely yours – Just like the wedding is uniquely about you and your fiance, make the registry the same. Add items that will make you happy, are fun and will make your house a home.

If you’re wanting to check out Zola, simply click here and you’ll receive $50 credit to use on Zola when you start your registry. It’s a great way to start your married life.

Thanks so much friends for visiting today. I hope these tips help you with your wedding registry.


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