4 Projects From One Hutch

One of the things I love to do is repurpose pieces of furniture in new and unique ways instead of selling them or giving them away.  As a single mom on a very limited budget, I’ve learned how to decorate on a small budget.  Recently my son rearranged his room and decided he didn’t need the top part of his hutch because he wanted to use the bottom part as a TV stand.  Ok, that’s fine son, but what am I going to do with the top part of a hutch that has shelving and 2 doors?

Well, here is what I did.  I created 4 separate projects, used in 4 different rooms or ways.  The first one I tackled was the biggest piece which was the top portion of the hutch.  I removed both doors and realized that I could easily turn this into some much needed storage for my studio.
I painted it white and loaded it up with my craft supplies.
I then took on the doors.  What could I do to repurpose these 2 doors?  I decided to use one of them in my hall bath for hanging towels.  Inspired by a picture I had seen on Pinterest (and who isn’t these days), I purchased a metal towel hanger with the word “bath” on it at Hobby Lobby.  I then attached it to the wall using the already existing door hinges.  Worked like a charm!
I’ve found this works much better than the standard towel bar that was there before and I can hang 3 towels at once.  I also left the small door knob on it, gives it great character.
The second door was a real “ah ha” moment.  I was getting ready to do my first craft shows and having spent money already on tables, table cloths and other show necessities, I didn’t really want to spend more money on a sign.  So I decided to make a sign using all things I already had.  I decoupaged the center area with scrapbook paper that was matching my overall look and color scheme.  I stenciled my business name on it, distressed the edges a bit and it was ready for my shows.  This picture below was my logo for a long time before I had one made.  I still have this door and use it as a sign for my shows.  It makes for a great conversation starter.
My last project was a shelf board that went inside.  I knew pretty early on what I wanted to do with it.  I had some vinyl lettering that I had purchased on sale and had not found the right surface to place them on yet.  So, I painted the board white, added the vinyl lettering, stenciled some graphics on and finished it off with a ribbon to hang it on.
This corner of my living room has 3 of my projects that I’ve created.  The mixed media piece is something really special to me that I posted about earlier and you can read here.  The picture frame is one that I painted from a very dark plain wood color.  Little by little I’m converting my living room into a lighter shabby white look and this is as far as I’ve gotten! 🙂  Stay tuned for more…
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16 thoughts on “4 Projects From One Hutch

  1. Shelly says:

    Wasn’t that just creative! I know I have taken stuff apart but it takes me forever to try and remake something out of it! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase! Im gonna pin this one to our talent board!!

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