5 Must-Have Planting Tools

Over the last few years that I’ve been collecting houseplants and succulents, I’ve discovered some items that have really been game-changers for me as far taking care of my plants.

5 Must-Have Planting Tools by Carmen Whitehead

All of these tools are easily obtainable and affordable. But, they have all helped me in keeping my houseplants and succulents looking healthy and thriving.

The first tool is one to help you not over-water your plants. Over-watering is probably the #1 reason plants and succulents die. But, how do you determine if the plant is ready to be watered? Sometimes the plant will give you a visual cue by drooping its leaves or wrinkled leaves. But, not all plants do that. So I recommend using a moisture meter to check the soil. I only water my plants when the moisture meter is in the red zone. That means its safe to water.

Second, I would recommend this set of tools, especially if you have succulents. The tweezers are great for removing dead leaves, the brush for removing dirt and the water bottle for small spaces.

The third item has eliminated the brown tips on my foliage plants. The water where I live is very hard and has lots of chemicals. This causes the leaves on my tropical plants to have brown and dried up tips and edges. I began using this filtered water pitcher to water my indoor houseplants about 6 weeks ago and today none of my plants have brown tips. It’s really been amazing!

Next, is an item that is not used for plant care, but has helped me whenever I’m potting up or transplanting any plants. This rubber boot tray I use on my potting bench to keep it tidy and I can take it inside if I want to work on my counter.

Finally, the fifth tool is this weed sprayer normally used to spray weeds with, but I keep water in it. I use it to spray the trays of succulent leaf propagation or a hanging plant I can’t reach.

If you’d like to see a video of me sharing these 5 tools, just click below


I hope this list is helpful to you and gives you some confidence in caring for your houseplants and succulents. You can check out more recommendations from me in my Amazon Shop.


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