Art Studio Organization Ideas

Artists are always looking for new and creative ways to hold art supplies, I know I certainly am! But, when you have many supplies to find storage for, you have to keep some things in mind.

  1. Cost – Art supplies can be expensive as it is, so I don’t want to spend a lot on storage also.  That’s why I like to re-purpose items, it not only keeps costs down, but it also helps the environment.

  2. Accessibility – When I’m in the passion of creating I want to easily access my supplies without a lot of fuss.  

  3. Looks Good – I don’t mean this in a vane way, but I want the storage piece to look like it belongs in a creative’s studio.  That it fits in with the rest of the storage pieces and the theme of the studio.

Here are some samples I’ve come across that I use myself or I would gladly use…

The Ikea Raskog Cart is probably the “go-to” cart for artists and crafters.  It holds so many items on it’s three levels, easily moves around with the swivel casters and it comes in many vibrant colors.  I selected turquoise for mine.   I purchased mine through Amazon and had free delivery with Amazon Prime.   The cart is super simple to put together too.

Art Studio Organization Ideas by Carmen Whitehead Desgins

If you’ve been on my blog before, you know how much I love re-purposing items for new and creative uses.  Take a look at this baby changing table!  A side-walk junk find is this artists functional storage for this amazing collection of paints and spray inks!  This is perfect for a smaller space that you may not have room to roll a card around.  So, check out those yard sales and sidewalk junk piles!

Art Studio Organization Ideas by Carmen Whitehead Designs


Kristi from I should be Mopping the Floor, did an incredible job of combining all of the elements I look for in art supply storage.  The peg board was sanded and painted to match the color scheme of the artwork  and overall theme.  But, it also adds tons of storage that is easily accessible by reach.  All for just a few dollars!  

This next idea I’m definitely going to try!  When I’m working on watercolor art one of the things that’s frustrating is the lack of space to lay my sheets to dry until the next step.  Drying racks can be very expensive (over $100 for some).  But this DIY rack is simple and can be made for only a few dollars.

Art Supply Organization Ideas by Carmen Whitehead Designs

Artist Diana Dellos has a wonderful tutorial on how to create this wall rack for paint tubes.  What a great idea!

Art Studio Organization Ideas by Carmen Whitehead Designs

Here is a post I shared last year on how I store my stencils…

Easy and convenient storage for all size stencils

Have these suggestions given you some inspiration?  I hope so!  Share with me in the comments some of the things you’ve tried for storage in your studio.

In the meantime, you can check out my Creative Spaces board and Art Supplies board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Art Supplies Pinterest board for Carmen Whitehead Designs @vintagecw

Creative Spaces Pinterest Board for Carmen Whitehead Designs @vintagecw

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