She Believed She Could Custom Canvas

“She believe she could, so she did”, is one of my favorite inspirational phrases.  It simply tells the story of a girl or woman’s determination to achieve or overcome something and then going ahead and doing it.  I had created a couple of similar pieces last year that highlighted this phrase and they’ve always been popular.

she believed she could custom canvas

With the season of confirmations, graduations and Mother’s Day, these designs have taken on a new popularity.

she believed she could custom canvas

I’ve even had it requested to be reproduced as an original in a larger 12″ x 16″.  I love doing commission pieces like this because I can really connect with the client in creating a wonderful piece.  This creation is going to California and will be in a little girl’s nursery.

She believed larger size

She believed she could new flower

If you are interested in a print, mounted print or canvas print of this design you can see it in my shop here.  If you’re interested in having a commission piece made exclusively for you then contact me here.



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