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What came first the blog or the creative business?  Well, unlike the egg and chicken question, this one is probably pretty simple.  If you’re like me, it was the creative business.  But, I soon realized that I needed to start blogging for my creative business and share my artwork there.  Many creative business owners (i.e. artists, illustrators, scrapbookers, Etsy sellers, etc.) may still ask, “Why do I need a blog?  How can it help me with my business?”  Here are 5 reasons you should blog for your creative business…

Blogging for Your Creative Business. Here are 5 reasons I think you should. Carmen Whitehead Designs

5 Reasons you should be blogging for your creative business

 1. A blog is your own little home to send your customers.  Here’s what I mean by that… When you share on Instagram, facebook, twitter, even Etsy, those are all platforms that fluctuate and change their algorithms on how your items are found or shared.  It happens all the time and you’re left at their mercy. But, if you have your own website/blog (not the freebie ones, your own domain) Then you are in control of what is promoted, how many times, where, etc.   You have your own home to share your content and perhaps even a shop attached to it.  

2.  Share your knowledge, not just your products.  Doing blog posts of only what you make and what you’re selling can be boring and will get old for your customers fast.  Share what you know about your niche.  Posts tutorials on how to make certain items, what are your favorite tools to use for your niche, invite other creatives in your field to share a post.  You can do what is called a “round-up”, that’s basically a list of your favorites of a certain item or thing.  My most popular blog post is 10 Inspirational Art Studios.  It’s been viewed thousands or times and pinned just as many times.  Remember, it’s not always about your art or product.

3.  Easy way to make Passive Income. What’s passive income?  A way to make income that is set up once and makes you money every time it’s seen or clicked on.  Now this option is best when you have a good amount of traffic coming to your website, I would say at least 5000 page views per month. The easiest options are setting up ads on your site such as Google Adsense.  All you need is a gmail account and they walk you through the set up.  Affiliate links are another easy option.  If you do tutorials where you recommend products to use having an Amazon affiliate is a good idea. I also frequently use ShareaSale. They are basically a middle-man for many different affiliates, such as, PicMonkey, CreativeBug and many more.  You choose the ones you like and recommend.  I have banners of them on my side bar and also link product referrals.  But, the key to these affiliates is that they are your recommendation.  You are recommending products and services, so your customer views that very highly.  Don’t recommend something you truly don’t use or like and definitely disclose somewhere on your blog that you use affiliate links.  It comes down to your credibility.  And that’s are next reason…

Image of my disclosure I have in my blog footer…

Blogging for your Creative Business

Image of my sidebar affiliate links…

Blogging for your Creative business


4. Having a blog builds your credibility.  Your customers will love not only your products, but the fact that you are sharing your knowledge.  When you consistently do this, you have returning readers and that builds credibility with them. They are trusting you and your knowledge and returning readers is what you want to eventually increase your traffic.

5. Easiest way to collect emails.  Collecting email addresses for your newsletter is always an ongoing struggle.  Etsy doesn’t let you (they consider it spam), it’s also difficult on social media.  But, on your blog, you can incorporate several ways for readers to subscribe to your newsletter.  There are many plugins for WordPress users that create pop-ups, side bar options for you to incorporate.  I use mailchimp as my newsletter provider and the plugin I use is easy to make sign up forms.  Here are some plugins I use or have used for my blog.   Here is a sample of a side bar newsletter sign up…

Blogging for your Creative Business

These are just a few of the reasons I think it’s beneficial for creatives to blog.  What do you think? 

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Are you in the process of starting or updating your blog?  Share with us what helped you and what didn’t work.

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