Selling Your Art on Consignment

Have you ever thought about selling your art on consignment in a retail store?  If you’re an artisan with a small business you’re always looking for ways to grow your business and have more income streams.  Perhaps you’ve been selling your art at local shows for a while and you even have an online store.  But you’re ready for the next step, and going the wholesale route is too big of a step for you.  Then consignment might be a way of testing the waters of brick and morter store sales.

Selling your art on consignment by

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How I Increased my Blog Traffic with Pinterest

One of my goals for 2016 was to “Focus” more on my Art Business Marketing and Pinterest has become my #1 referrer to my blog and shop.  A few weeks ago I shared with you The Art of Social Media and I promised I would talk to you about my Pinterest strategy.

How I increased my blog traffic with Pinterest

If you’re not paying attention to Pinterest, you’re missing out.

Here is how I increased my blog traffic with Pinterest.

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My Word for 2016 – Focus

I’ve chosen my word for 2016 – Focus.  Do you select a word every year that you use for inspiration?  I started doing this a couple of years ago and it’s actually a fun process.  For 2015 my word was Believe.  I believed I could elevate my art, skills and business to the next level, I believed I could profit from my business, and I believed I could stay healthy enough to achieve my goals for the year.

My word for 2016 is Focus


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10 Inspirational Art Studios

I love taking a peek into other artist’s creative spaces and getting ideas for storage and layouts.  A studio can be a retreat and private place for an artist.  Not only does creativity happen there, but healing and restoration can happen too.  Today I’m sharing with you 10 inspirational art studios that I found from some of my favorite artists.

10 Inspirational Art Studios shared by

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