Hand Drawn Greeting Cards

One of the most relaxing things I can do at night is doodle flowers and patterns in my journal.  But, I also will do 2-3 hand drawn greeting cards in a sitting and create a one of a kind cards.  I love getting cards in the mail with a personal message inside, it’s something that should really be done more often.

Hand drawn doodled greeting cards

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My latest obsession…

As an artist I’m always looking for new forms of art and techniques.  I came across something on Pinterest I knew I had to try.  But this isn’t the usual Pinterest obsession of “maybe I’ll try that”, I researched the best books, pens and paper to start my doodling or in this case Zenspirations art.  It’s a form of doodling with simply a pen and paper.  So, I purchased myself a Christmas present and started practicing.

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