Spring is Blooming Girl

It’s been a particularly cold and wet Winter here in Phoenix this year.  Which is actually a welcomed change for me.  I’ve been thinking of how much this rain will help my garden when it starts to bloom in the Spring.  So, the timing is perfect for me to finish up my next commissioned piece in a series of Seasons.  This Spring is Blooming Girl will be on her way to her new home soon, but let’s take a look at her creation…

Spring is Blooming Girl original canvas by www.carmenwhitehead.com

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Purple + Purple + Yellow – Summer of Color Week #3

I’m continuing on with the Summer of Color challenge and we’re already at week #3!  This week we’re going with a royal, or perhaps Mardi Gras look, with…

Purple + Purple + Yellow

Summer of color week 3 _2

I used the purple watercolor pencil to draw the face and then activated the color with a water brush.  The rest of the page (140 lb. watercolor paper) was created with a mix of watercolor mediums.  I really love the drip effect, it seems like she is behind a veil of tears.

Summer of color week 3 _1

Hope you enjoyed the page and I’m linking this to the Summer of Color challenge, and the Art Journal Journey.  So stop by those blogs to check out some incredible talent.