Paris Is Always a Good Idea

I’ve never been to Paris, France but it’s definitely at the top of my bucket list of places to visit, right after England!  You know what they say, Paris is always a good idea! Today I’m sharing a project for Bella Crafts Publishing and they are have been hosting a Paris theme all month long.  I decided to upcycle this dumpster rescue table and give it a Parisian look.

Paris upcycled table for Bella Crafts Publishing created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

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Lotus Flowers are Blooming

Did I mention the obsession love I have had for Lotus flowers in meadows?  Well, it’s definitely manifesting itself in my art recently with several canvases.  Perhaps it’s because this beautiful flowers emerges within a murky pond and stands out among the foliage. It’s also a symbol of purity and beauty within the Buddhist and Hinduism faiths.

Three lotus flowers 2

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Shabby Chic Altered Bottles

Hi friends!  Today I’m sharing a project I’ve been wanting to try for some time, Shabby Chic Altered Bottles.  I’ve seen so many wonderful projects on Pinterest that I’ve been collecting inspiration on my own board.

Altered bottles 13

I picked up some wonderful old bottles at my local Goodwill on their 50% off everything Saturday, what a deal!  To see the entire process, click on over to the Bella Crafts Publishing blog.



Spring Burlap Table Runner

I’m so excited to be sharing my first project for Bella Crafts Publishing!  I created this stenciled Spring burlap table runner just in time for changing up my dining room table to a Spring decor.  To see all the details on how I created this runner, hop on over to the Bella Crafts Publishing site here.
 Spring Burlap Table Runner 11
You can see all of the details over at the Bella Crafts Publishing blog.
 photo signature_zps1b49fcd9.png

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