My recent vintage-shabby haul

I love it when I find a business via facebook or etsy that has things I love at a price I love.  It makes for a winning combination.  When I shop for my embellishment supplies I like to go to the actual store i.e. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s, because I like to look, feel, touch the laces, flowers and ribbons.  To make sure they are what I would use and will go with my “look” in my frames, mixed media and crosses.  But recently I found two businesses on facebook that I have purchased some beautiful embellishments and plan on purchasing again.
Lavish Laces has a wonderful selection of laces, rosettes and paper flowers at incredible prices.  I love using chiffon rosettes in my pieces, but they can be so expensive when purchased at the craft store and you only get 3-5 pieces.  But look at what I found…

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