Vintage Wedding Ideas Pt. 3 – Location, Location, Location

Welcome back to my vintage wedding ideas series and today I’m sharing part 3 Location, Location, Location.  Probably one of your first wedding selections and I think your most important.  You’re looking for the perfect place to say your vows, accommodate numerous friends and family, and the backdrop for your overall theme, in this case Vintage.  There are many locations that will give that vintage vibe, places you may not have even considered.
When you think “Vintage Wedding” one of the first locations that comes to mind is a rustic farm with a barn.
Great ideas for Vintage Wedding locations!

Vintage Wedding Ideas Pt. 1 – Teacup Candles and Frames

I thought I would share with you something a little different today and start a new weekly series.  We’ve all been sharing and looking at so much Fall decor and recipes, that sometimes you need something to cleanse the pallet.Wedding season is approaching here in Arizona, as the weather cools, the brides and grooms start the celebrations.  If I were to ever marry again I would definitely have a vintage themed wedding.  So many ways you can incorporate chippy, old, rusty, antique and vintage treasures into your special day.  It’s Vintage Charm has created this beautiful vintage wedding vignette to inspire you for your ceremony, reception, or bridal shower.

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