Christmas Decor for Small Apartment

Living in a small two-bedroom apartment can make decorating for the holidays difficult. But, I’ve been able to find just the right decorations and just the right sizes to make it look festive.

Some of you may remember the new dining room furniture I got last Summer. I wanted to get a small Christmas tree to place on a plant stand I already had in this corner. I found the perfect size four foot tree, pre-lit, on Amazon. The ornaments and wreath are from Michael’s and created them to match each other.

I always have vintage items that I bring out to put on the table and on counters. The little birdcage is from Hobby Lobby, but I use it year round. I simply switch out what’s in it and match the season.

Although the tree came with a base wrapped in burlap, I wanted to use this felt basket from Fill Happy. You can find it on Amazon and get 25% off with code carmenW25.

I didn’t do anything in the kitchen, but I did add some trees on the counter. I love these ceramic lighted trees, they remind me so much of the 60’s.

This is the fourth year I’ve used this slim Christmas tree from Michael’s. It’s perfect for an apartment or small space setting. It fits just about anywhere.

I created a video showcasing my Christmas decor in more detail. You can enjoy it below…

I hope these ideas inspire you to decorate your small space or apartment.

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