Christmas Tree is Twinkling!

Our Christmas tree has been twinkling for about a week now, but I had not had the time to share it, so I’m so happy that I made the time before it was the new year and I had to take it down!
Christmas tree is twinkling for the season!

This 6 foot pre-lit tree I got a couple of years ago when I needed a smaller and easier tree to put together.  It fits perfectly into this corner and it really is so easy to put together.  I take my time putting the ornaments on and positioning them.  When the kids were little they would jump at the chance to help me decorate.  Now that they are teenagers, it seems they are too busy, but they enjoy the finished results.  Our tree is a combination of glass ornaments that I’ve purchased in my travels (I use to travel for work), Disney ornaments from every trip to Disneyland, repurposed ornaments, and hand made.

Christmas tree is twinkling 2
Christmas tree is twinkling 3
A handmade ornament on a 3″ canvas.
Christmas tree is twinkling 7
The Father Christmas in the background I’ve had for over 15 years.  He always stands guard by the tree, that’s always his spot.  The little espresso cup in the foreground is a thrift store find.  I have a set of 6 on the tree hanging from red ribbons.  A unique way of using cups and they gold adds a sparkle.
Christmas tree is twinkling 8
The Angel top has been with us for over 20 years.  I’ve had her longer than the kids!  She has remained in incredible condition for a K-mart buy.  I’ve thought about replacing her, but I just can’t seem to get rid of her.
Christmas tree is twinkling 6
This is one of my favorite upcycles.  I found a set of 6 ceramic bells at a thrift store.  They were plain white, so I added poinsettia stickers on them and red ribbon.  They make a great sound and I know they are unique to our tree.
Christmas tree is twinkiling 5
This is my son’s first Christmas ornament.  It was given to him by his aunt and it will be passed on to him when he gets his own place.
Just one of the many, many Disney ornaments we have.  Disneyland is our favorite place to visit and we buy at least 2 ornaments every time we go.
Christmas tree is twinkling 2
I love this sweet little espresso cup.  I had it in my china hutch for a long time and when I was adding the other espresso cups to the tree, I remembered I had it.
Christmas tree is twinkling 4
Christmas tree is twinkling for the season!
That’s our tree!  It may not be the biggest, fanciest or most expensive, but it is so unique and special to us.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.
Merry Christmas and many Blessings,

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree is Twinkling!

  1. Norma Gomez says:

    Beautiful tree Carmen, I love all the handmade and collected ornaments. I can totally relate to the kids not helping out, lol. I have all boys and they’re all grown up except one but even he has lost interest. In all fairness, he did help out here and there. They grow so fast….we have a mixture of handmade, collected and store bought too. I’ve kept every ornament the boys have made and proudly display them each year. Thanks for sharing a piece of your home with us 😀

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