Disneyland Resort from a Plant Lover’s viewpoint

One of my favorite places to visit in the whole world is Disneyland.  Over the years my visits have changed; as a child myself, as a teenager, as a parent with small children and now as a parent of a teenager.  But,  I’m also looking at it now from a plant lover’s viewpoint.

Disneyland Resort from a Plant lover's viewpoint

As with anything Disney does, they are all about the details.  From their rides, shows, parades and even their landscaping.  They incorporate the most beautifully appropriate plants to every section.  

Even if you’re waiting in line for a ride, they make that are simply beautiful.  They use a plethora of plants in each vignette.  Plants you wouldn’t think would work in a container, like succulents and perennials, but they totally work!

I hope you enjoy the video…


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