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Are you like me and have a large collection of stencils?  Of all sizes?  When I became a Design Team Member for The Crafter’s Workshop I received quite a few stencils in various sizes.  I soon was faced with the problem of storing the stencils in a way that would protect them and make it easy for me to look through them and select the one I wanted.  Then I discovered We R Memory Keepers scrapbook products,

Easy and convenient storage for all size stencils www.carmenwhitehead.com

I had 3 different sizes of stencils, 12″ x 12″ large sheets, smaller 6″ x 6″ and the even smaller masks that were about 3″ x 3″.  The stencils pictured here are the Summer 2015 collection from The Crafter’s Workshop.

Stencil storage 2

 I ordered a 3-ring album, a pack of 12″ x 12″ protectors, protectors that would fit 4 – 6″ x 6″ and another pack that would hold 9 of the 3″ x 3″ per protector.

Stencil storage 1

The pockets of the protectors are large enough to fit 2 stencils.  To help with inserting them and also being able to see the pattern easily, I used some old scrapbook paper.  It didn’t really matter that the paper had a pattern on both sides, I could still easily distinguish the stencil pattern.

Stencil storage 4


Stencil storage 6

The small stencils and masks I inserted only one per pocket.

Stencil storage 5


This method has made storage of my stencils so much easier!    I placed the binder on my bookcase and it’s handy to grab and flip through.

Stencil storage 7

This is one method of storage, there are others that I’ve seen such as hanging them or placing them in file hanging folders.  My suggestion is…use what works for you.

stencil storage


This binder method is perfect for me and I hope it inspires you to find a storage method that fits perfectly into your craft room or studio.

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3 thoughts on “Easy Storage For Your Stencils

  1. Sarah Williamson says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. I have struggled for YEARS trying to find the stencil storage that worked for me…gonna try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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