Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips

Today I’m sharing with you some cuttings I received from Mountain Crest Gardens and giving you some care tips for successful growing.  Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants (usually trees) and usually derive their nutrients from the air, water, rain and debris around it.  Some of these plants include Orchids, Bromeliads, Air Plants, Ferns, Rhipsalis.  

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Recently, Mountain Crest Gardens added new plant cuttings of some rare Epiphyte plants.  Cuttings can be a very cost effective way of getting new and rare plants.  All of their cuttings come very well packaged and are calloused over so they are ready to be planted.  

This is Selenicereus anthonyanus ‘Ric Rac Cactus’ cuttings.  It is often mistaken for the Fish Bone cactus (Epiphyllum angulige).  But the care is the same.  These Epiphytes need a compost containing plenty of organic and sufficient moisture in summer.  I use a mix of cactus soil, perlite and Orchid bark mix for a free draining soil.  In the Summer, watering once a week is sufficient and reduce to once a month in Winter.

Flowers only open for one night and are very fragrant, as to attract nocturnal pollinators.

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Next, I have Rhipsalis rauhiorum cuttings.  This plant will have a hanging and trailing effect when fully grown.  They prefer filtered light with a well draining, organic soil.  It blooms with small white flowers and makes a great potted hanging plant.  If you live in a mild Summer climate, these plants will do well on a shaded patio.  Living in Phoenix, our Summers are anything but mild, so I have them inside near a window for indirect bright light.  They can also be under a grow light if a window is not available.

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead


This next one I had never seen or heard of and is technically not an Epiphyte, but can be cared for in the same manner.  It is Cissus quadrangularis ‘Veldt Grape’ cuttings.  

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

The Veldt Grape has a vining habit as shown in the below picture.   Easy-to-grow, it is said to have healing properties and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for bone and joint health.  It loves partial shade and regular watering with a free draining soil.

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

I did get one succulent cutting, Sedeveria ‘Pink Granite’.  I planted these cuttings with Adromischus cristatus “Key Lime Pie”, to fill in this pot.  The Sedeveria  lost some leaves in transport, but the 3 cuttings were still good for planting.  I will propagate the leaves that fell off.

I did use some rooting hormone for all of the cuttings, to give them a head start in their growing.

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Epiphyte cactus care and tips

Here is a video of the unboxing and potting of these cuttings, enjoy…

I’m really looking forward to seeing these plants grow and get long enough to hang.  If you’re looking for rare and unique plants, then check out Mountain Crest Gardens cuttings.

Do you have any of these Epiphytes or succulents?  I would love to hear your experience or advice in the comments.

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