Face Sketches in Progress

In the evenings I’ve taken to doing some practice sketching of faces.  I try to capture different glances, head positions and types of girls.  It’s a relaxing process for me and I feel that my faces are getting better.

face sketches 2

With this one I was really feeling a Frida Kahlo moment and wanted to create her in a quiet and peaceful look.  I tried to sketch a hand on her chest, but I wasn’t happy with it and erased it.  But, you can still see the ghost image of it, I may go back and try the hand again.

face sketches 3

I’ve been studying Jane Davenport’s book Beautiful Faces, and it’s a huge inspiration to me.

This girl was created with colored pencils on 140lb watercolor paper.

Face sketches 1

The upward gaze of this girl was created with a simple fine lead mechanical pencil on a Strathmore sketch pad.  I like the look of whispy sketch lines, instead of hard lines.

face sketches 4

More whispy lines with colored pencils.  The eyes are much more angular on this one and I think fit the glance perfectly.

I so appreciate your visiting with me today and I hope you come back again to see my progress. I’ve got a large acrylic paint canvas in the works for this week, so stay tuned!



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11 thoughts on “Face Sketches in Progress

  1. Suz says:

    These are all just wonderful. Practice does help and it is amazing how much it is helping me also. I have just recently been looking at Jane Davenport’s work. Very beautiful and distinctive and so is yours!

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