Fall Garden Art

Fall decor isn’t just for inside the house or doorway.  The last couple of years I’ve added seasonal garden art with decorative plate flowers, garden totems or bird feeders that I’ve made.  The thrift stores and yard sales are full of dishes, vases and ceramic pieces that can be used for garden art.

 Fall Garden Art created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

This ceramic pumpkin sits atop a plate, an inverted frosted plate and a vase.  I’ve place seeds on this plate and use it as a bird feeder. 

Fall Garden Art created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

I really like the greens in this plate flower, with hints of summer flowers, it’s still great for the fall season.

 Fall Garden Art created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

This large sunflower plate is a perfect fall image.  Even when the real sunflowers are dying off and no longer blooming, this one always blooms for me. 


Fall Garden Art created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

In my front planting bed I always have my pumpkin plate flower.  This is actually a candy bowl that I repurposed for the garden.

 Fall Garden Art created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

This black cat is perfect for Halloween decor.  Again, this was a candy bowl.


All of these pieces were thrift store or yard sale finds.  I glued them together with E6000 crafters glue after a good cleaning to remove any residue, so the glue will really adhere.  I let them sit for 24 hours at least before placing them in the garden.  I use a wooden dowel to stand them on and a small tube is glued on the back to slide the dowel into.  I do keep them out year round here in Phoenix and they do well, even in the extreme summer heat.  I change out my garden art for the seasons and holidays, so stay tuned for the Christmas decor that will go up in late November.



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26 thoughts on “Fall Garden Art

  1. Allison @ Dream a Little Bigger says:

    This is really neat! I love how simple this is because anyone can do it and how unique it is because everybody will thrift something different! I’m thinking these would make great gifts for my mom and grandmother who are gardening fiends! Thanks so much 🙂

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