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Did you know that April is National Gardening Month?  Well it is and after a long Winter, it feels great to get outside and get my hands dirty.  Although the Winters here in Arizona aren’t very harsh at all, people love to garden here and for me it’s not just flowers  that I like to add to my garden.  Adding some whimsical garden art is a wonderful way to bring even more color and fun to your garden.


Frun Garden Art by

A few years ago I created and sold plated flowers for gardens.  I loved going to thrift stores and yard sales searching for plates and small bowls that I could glue together and create an everblooming flower.

Garden art 1

I love re-using and re-purposing unexpected items in the garden to really start conversations.

This bowling ball has been given a new look of a gazing ball with this mosaic work.  This is also a fun craft to do with your kids.


Love birds in your garden?  Then a bird bath is essential.  This one is created with a large wooden candle stick and a bowl.  You can see the tutorial here.



Here is one I created using a vintage glass lamp for the base and a plate for the top.

garden art 2

Having spots of color and unexpected whimsy in your garden is easy with these mushrooms made out of ceramic pots and plates.


How about some glass mushrooms made from bud vases and bowls?


There’s nothing more unexpected in a garden than an old bicycle for garden art.  Check this out over at  Funky Junk Interiors.


You can also do something as simple as painting rocks with a theme or words.


Wind chimes can bring some music to your garden too.


There’s so many ways to bring art, whimsy and joy to your garden.  If you want more inspiration, please follow my Garden Art board.

Do you have any art in your garden?



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