Holiday Amaryllis

Winter time is a time for the outdoor garden to take a rest.  The flowers have long finished blooming and if you’re like me, you want to have some vibrant flowers for the Holiday season. 

Holiday Amaryllis by Carmen Whitehead Designs

I had an Amaryllis bulb a few years ago given to me by my mom.  It was in a pot (looking back now, the pot was too big).  The bulb bloomed once and then had beautiful foliage for months.  I kept it on my front porch with morning sun and it did well for quite a while.  But, I never figured out how to make it rebloom and in the end I watered it too much.  The plant unfortunately did not survive.

But now I’m armed with knowledge and a greener thumb.  This time I ordered my Minerva Amaryllis bulb from Amazon.  It arrived quickly and well packaged.  The bulb was already coming out of dormancy and had a leaf peeking out already.

I planted it in regular potting soil, with some perlite for added drainage, in a 6 inch terra cotta pot.  The 32 centimeter bulb had plenty of room to grow, but now too much that it would be susceptible to over watering.  It’s important to keep the neck and shoulders of the bulb above the soil and not get the bulb wet when watering.  I added a top dressing of gravel for a cleaner look.

Holiday Amaryllis by Carmen Whitehead Designs

October 9th

Within one week I had multiple leaves growing and two flower stalks just starting to come out (as you can see in the photo above).  I water it once a week and sparingly.

Holiday Amaryllis by Carmen Whitehead Designs

November 7th

Within another month I had two flower stalks that are about 10″ tall and one of them was already starting to open.  This pot sits on my dining room table right in front of my sliding glass door to the balcony.  It gets bright indirect light here and it seems to love it.

Holiday Amaryllis by Carmen Whitehead Designs

November 12th

I rotate the pot daily now that the flowers are opening to ensure everyone of them gets plenty of light.  

Amaryllis plants can easily be kept as foliage houseplants with minimal care, or you can take a few extra steps to encourage them to bloom every winter.

  • Once the weather warms up in the spring, you can move your amaryllis flower bulbs outside to a sunny spot for the summer.
  • Then in late summer, bring them inside to a cool dark location and allow the soil to dry out completely. This will trigger the plant to go into dormancy.
  • Once the plant has gone dormant, remove all the dried leaves and don’t water it at all.
  • Wait 6-8 weeks, and then bring the plant out of dormancy into a sunny location and give it some water – starting the blooming cycle all over again.

If given the right treatment, your amaryllis will bloom again just in time for the holidays.  That’s what I plan to do for mine and I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress.

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