House Plant Tour – August 2017

Today I’m sharing a house plant tour of our new home with you.  I’ve been steadily adding some greenery and comfort to the apartment with house plants.  Yes, you could call it an obsession, but I prefer enthusiasm!

House Plants Tour - Carmen Whitehead Designs

I recently saw on Pinterest an article about the top indoor plants that NASA deemed as great air purifiers and healthy for you.  So, I tried to add as many as I could from that list that I I found exotic, interesting and just plain beautiful.

House Plant Tour - Carmen Whitehead Designs

Recently I purchased this bamboo shelving unit from Amazon to hold the growing collection.  I really love it and it was super easy to put together. There’s different configurations you can create too.  The majority of the pots you see here are thrift store finds (you know how I love a good thrifty find!), and many I drilled drainage holes myself.

One of the reasons I didn’t have house plants before was because I was notorious for killing them with “kindness and love”, meaning I over watered them!

House Plants Tour - Carmen Whitehead Designs

But, this time I’m prepared!  I purchased this moisture meter from my favorite place, Amazon, and it’s really coming in handy.  I do have a once-a-week watering schedule, but I wanted to be sure the soil was dry and ready for more water.  I have found that some plants can go a little bit longer than the weekly watering.  

For a more guided tour, I made this video with some names and information on each plant.

For more house plants decor ideas you can check out my PInterest board

House Plants Tour - Carmen Whitehead Designs

Do you like the watercolor  cacti of my title slide?  It’s a printable that is available in my shop now.

Watercolor cacti printable - Carmen Whitehead Designs

I hope this was encouraging for you friends to bring some green into your home and purify your air too.   Thanks so much for visiting friends!


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