How To Easily Run Your Etsy Shop

Running an Etsy shop can be time consuming and stressful, especially if you have many items in your shop. So, I’m always on the look out for sites or apps that will make my life easier and quickly do tasks for me.

How to Easily Run Your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs

This first one I’ve only recently discovered and so far I’m becoming a huge fan. One of the most arduous tasks for a shop owner is changing one thing in each listing, especially if you have a lot of listings!  Well, with Vela you can change pricing, tags, titles, descriptions, even photos, all at the click of a button.  How wonderful is that?!  

Vela - Edit your Etsy listings in a flash

How to easily run your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs 


I’ve used Etsy On Sale for all of my sales for a couple of years now.  Their system is super easy to use with the credit system they have.  Basically you buy credits and use those for sales events, auto renew of listings or replacing tags.  You even get 5 free credits when you sign up.

How to easily run your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs

Here’s a sample of how your listing would look.  You can add whatever words you like to the beginning of your title, and a time period for your sale.

How to easily run your Etsy shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs


Twitter is one of my largest traffic providers for my Etsy shop.  I average 30 – 40 visitors from Twitter per day and 2-3 orders per week.  So, as you can see it’s a great source for me.  How do I get so much traffic?  Well, it’s not because I’m hitting the tweet button on my listings.  I use Twitter-Fu.  It’s an app that randomly selects your listings and tweets them on a pre-set schedule you select.

How to easily run your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs

Here is a sample of how to set up your tweets. It’s only $4.99 a month, but less if you purchase more months.  I have my tweets set at hourly because of the lifespan of a tweet being so short.  

How to Easily run your Etsy shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs

When you are checking your stats, the referrals will show up as “”.  This company is run by fellow Etsy shop owners so they are very savvy about shop promotion.

If you’re not quite sure which #hashtags to use with your auto-tweets, then take a look at Rite Tag for some suggestions.

How to easily run your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs


One task I’ve been working on quite a bit this year is updating my listing SEO and increasing my search traffic.  Not an easy task to do on your own.  So, I found 2 options (one free and one subscription) that have helped me quite a bit.

The free option is Etsy Rank.  “EtsyRank is a suite of free tools to help you grow your Etsy business. With EtsyRank you can discover opportunities and issues quickly, gain insight into the marketplace and competition, and save yourself many hours of time. ”  I especially like using their Keyword tool to research tags and find other tags to use on my listings.  It gives you a letter grade (A – F) on each listing so you know which ones need work.  Lots of features for a free app.

How to easily run your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs

Now if you want a little bit more and are willing to pay a monthly subscription of $19, then Marmalead is for you.  There is a free version,  it only gives you viewing into 5 items instead of all of your listings, but is a great way to try it out and see if it improves your traffic.  Now something to remember about Etsy SEO is that it takes approximately 30 days for results to start showing in your statistics.  So, be patient with the process.  I have seen a 42% increase in search traffic so far in just over a month.

How to easily run your Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs


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These are the apps and sites I have been using to help me improve my site traffic, aesthetics and functionality.   If you’re looking for more  art business resources you can click here.

Do you have any resources you use?

Please share them with us in the comments.

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  1. Doris says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Thank you for the this information. You always have good advice. I have finally decided to start selling my art and crafts. I am learning so much from researching and finding information on the web. I will start this weekend opening some accounts in places to sell my items.

    Again, thank you for sharing.

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