How To Make a Sphagnum Moss Pole

I have many trailing plants in my collection and I love the way they look. But, I’ve recently discovered that many of these plants are climbers in their natural environments and their leaves grow bigger when they climb. So, I decided to make some Sphagnum moss poles to help them do some climbing.

My beautiful Philodendron Micans started out as a small cutting that was given to me by another plant parent all the way in Florida. This little plant is very special to me and I’m so impressed with how much growing she’s done.

Philodendron Micans on a little chopstick

She had outgrown the chopstick I put in the pot to help her start climbing. It was time for something bigger. I was time for a moss pole.

So, I gathered my supplies went out onto my balcony to create some moss poles. Here is what I used:

In order to show you as easily as possible each step, I created this video showing you exactly how I did it. I also ended up repotting the Micans into a bigger pot and then installing the moss pole. Take a look here…

Philodendron Micans with Sphagnum Moss Pole in 6″ pot

With this Micans in a new 6 inch pot, it will be able to grow into this new moss pole for at least a couple of years. If I need to repot and add a bigger pole, I can simple zip tie a new one to the top and let it keep growing. The next pot size would an 8 inch.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and it inspires you to create a moss pole for your climbing plants.


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2 thoughts on “How To Make a Sphagnum Moss Pole

  1. Jean says:

    I always feel like I am visiting a friend when I watch your videos. Can you help me with my kalanchoe problems? I have gone propagating crazy. I have some really tall long stems with long bare spots but the tops have full clusters. Can I cut them as is and re-root? Could I also try to keep the existing root ball growing. These are the common flowering variety. Should also mention I live in the north of Ontario Canada.

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