I’m in the new Somerset Holidays & Celebrations!

I’m so happy to be sharing this exciting news with you!  One of my Christmas canvases is featured in the new Somerset Holidays & Celebrations magazine!

Carmen Whitehead Designs featured in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations 2015

Earlier this Summer I sent in a few original canvases with the Holiday theme and I hoped that at least one of them would be selected.  Last week I received an email letting me know I had been included in this years issue and that I would be receiving a free copy.  Well, of course I couldn’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail, so off I went to Barnes and Noble to see which piece had been selected!

This Believe canvas of 3 vibrant trees in a snowy drift is one of my favorites.  Not only because of the colors and texture, but the word Believe is my 2015 word.  So, I found it very serendipitous that they would select this one.

Carmen Whitehead Designs featured in 2015 Somerset Holidays & Celebrations magazine

It’s located in their Gallery section on page 138.  The original will be in my shop once I receive it back, but I do have prints available along with note cards in this design.

This annual magazine is not only for Christmas, they have projects for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and even 4th of July.  So, it’s a resource you can turn to through out the year for inspiration.  They are available at your local Barnes & Noble or at the Stampington website here.

Thanks so much for visiting with me and listening to me while I toot my horn a little bit!




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