Into The Woods Canvas

It’s been a long hot summer here in Phoenix and I’m anxious for the cool crispness of Autumn to arrive.  I think that’s why I selected the earthy colors in this palette.  The muted greens, golds,reds and blues that are found in the woods during that time of Autumn changes.

Into The Woods Canvas 9

I’m continuing my creations with the intuitive and free style of paint, but still using my loved stencils.  This time I’m using all DecoArt products, paints and stencils.

I started with a 16″ x 20″ back stapled canvas and gave it a first layer with Americana Acrylic Paints using Antique Teal, True Ochre, Deep Burgandy, Victorian Blue, and Terra Cotta.

Into The Woods Canvas 1

I absolutely love DecoArt’s Media Line Misters!  They spray wonderfully and have great pigment.  Once they’re dry they are permanent and don’t react to other mediums, so you can really layer with these.  I used Turqouise, Carbon Black and Violet  with Andy Skinner’s stencil Snake’s Web.  I used the positive and negative of the stencil, meaning when I sprayed it, I flipped it over and pressed it onto the canvas, using up the spray ink that was still on the stencil.

Into The Woods Canvas 2

Here I used the Andy Skinner’s Whirlpool stencil with Americana Acrylic’s Antique Teal and True Ochre.  These are colors I originally used in the background, but using them with this stencil brings the color forward and the canvas looks cohesive.

Into The Woods Canvas 3


Continuing to layer and add more detail, I used Andy Skinner’s Alphabet Spaghetti stencil throughout the canvas with the Carbon Black and Violet Misters.  Again using the flipping technique with the stencil.

Into The Woods Canvas 4

These are probably my favorite marking utensils, Caps and bubble wrap.  Again using some of the colors that were used in the background and applying the designs throughout the canvas.

Into The Woods Canvas 5

Here is the point I stopped and let the canvas rest before I started creating my woods.  Lots of details and texture!  I love it!

Into The Woods Canvas 6

I then loosely used the Branching Out stencil from DecoArt to outline a tree and the Finch Stencil for the birds, with the black China Marker. Once I had the design outlined, I started painting in the negative space with Americana Acrylic Paint in Midnite Blue, Sapphire and Mulberry, each mixed with glazing medium to give it a sheer look.  I also used a very wet brush for the application.

Into The Woods Canvas 7

Into The Woods Canvas 10


To give the tree and birds more definition and bring them to the foreground, I applied some soft pastels around the birds and certain areas of the branches.  This really gave them depth.  Finally, I retraced them with Faber-Castell Big Brush Pen in Black.  I love using this pen to give a “smudgey” line.  The key is drawing short lines, rubbing with your finger to smudge the line and then moving on.  It is permanent once it dries.

Into The Woods Canvas 11

I then spritzed the top of the canvas with the Violet spray ink, added some water spritz to give the drippage effect.  I also sprayed the bottom branch with the Turquoise.  To avoid the drippage covering the branches or birds, I had a baby wipe handy and wiped the drip while it was still wet from those areas.  This gave the look that the drips were behind the tree and birds.  I gave it two coats of Americana Matte Spray Sealant to seal the canvas.

Into The Woods Canvas 8

Here is the finished piece.  I love the evolution and journey this canvas went through.  There were so many layers and details, that I thought it may be too much, but I’m really happy with it.  I’ve titled it Into The Woods.  It’s now available in my shop and at 20″ wide x 16″ height, it’s a perfect size canvas for any room.

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  1. Rasz says:

    Hi Carmen! I love your painting and seeing the process of you creating it.You chose some awesome colors. Thank you for sharing how you created suck a beautiful, colorful artwork. Happy PPF!

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