My Frida Kahlo Collection

Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists, not only because of her work, but she is such a wonderful subject to paint herself.  That dark hair pulled up and with flowers, the colorful jewelry and clothes she wore and of course, those eyebrows!  I loved it that she could rock the eyebrows!

Frida Kahlo Watercolor in white vintage frame created by

I’ve been working on this collection for a while and I’m really happy how it’s come together.

Frida Kahlo on Watercolor paper in blue wood frame created by

Most of the pieces have vintage frames that I have painted and distressed to give the piece a very unique quality.  I love rescuing frames from thrift stores or yard sales and giving them a new life.  Each of these frames was painted with DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint, dark creme wax and then sealed with matte varnish.

Dark blue frame Frida Kahlo acrylic canvas board created by

Here is how they looked during the painting and waxing process…

Chalky Finish old wood frames by Chalky Finish old wood frames by

The green frame was used to showcase an original watercolor of two Sunflowers…

Watercolor Sunflower 1

With this project I also learned how to use a point driver for securing the back boards of the frames.  After much research, I decided to go ahead and spend the $42 to purchase my own instead of having a framing shop do this for me each time.  It’s super easy to load and use, and it really gives the back of the frame a finished look with brand new points.

Frida Kahlo Collection 1

Frida Kahlo watercolor white frame 3

All of these pieces are now happily displayed on my walls and I love enjoying them everyday. 

If you are interested in having a custom Frida Kahlo canvas created for your home, please contact me.

Thanks so much for visiting with me friends!





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