My Word for 2016 – Focus

I’ve chosen my word for 2016 – Focus.  Do you select a word every year that you use for inspiration?  I started doing this a couple of years ago and it’s actually a fun process.  For 2015 my word was Believe.  I believed I could elevate my art, skills and business to the next level, I believed I could profit from my business, and I believed I could stay healthy enough to achieve my goals for the year.

My word for 2016 is Focus


I have achieved many of the goals I set for 2015

  • Reached 500 sales
  • Opened 4 new wholesale accounts
  • Started teaching workshops
  • Design team member
  • Purchased new laptop and printer for large prints
  • My own domain and self-hosted website

This month I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of what I want to achieve next year and what I need to change that is no longer working.  This required me to really “Focus” on certain areas of my business.  Thus the reason I selected this word.  I also noticed that once I had that word on my mind, I started seeing it in books I was reading, blog posts and social media.  It was like I was receiving confirmation from God that this was my word and what I need to do.

So what do I need to Focus on for 2016

Well, let me start off by letting go of some of the parts of my business that aren’t working for me anymore or I’m simply not able to do anymore.  My health had a great influence in these decisions.  I am so thankful to God that my cancer remains in remission.  But my Fibromyalgia (a long term side effect from the chemotherapy) has become much worse and I’m not physically able to do many things that I love.  So, for now I won’t be doing workshops anymore and I’ll be reducing the number of art shows that I do during show season.

I’ll also finish off my terms on the Bella Crafts Publishing and The Crafter’s Workshop design teams.  But, I don’t plan on applying for any new teams.  I’ll continue to definitely support them, use their products along with DecoArt Helping Hand Artists program.  These are all businesses and products I love and believe in.

What I will be focusing on this year…

  • My Wholesale Line –  I’m currently on Etsy Wholesale online and it’s been very good exposure.  I’m completing an e-course “What Retailers Want Course”  by Indie Retail Academy, that will help me improve my line and how to approach more retailers.  This past year retailers have found me, which is great, but I know by improving my marketing and approach I can increase my number of wholesale vendors.
  • Website Improvements – I’ve been working on my website since I moved over to WordPress.  I’m learning a lot about plugins, html and blogging in general.  But, there’s still some improvements to the look and functionality that I would like to do.  That includes my online shopping cart with Ecwid.
  • Write and launch an e-book – This started as just a little thought in my head as I was creating posts for my Art Business Resources series, and it continued to grow.  So, I’ve decided to write an ebook consisting of an accumulation of the posts plus much more in-depth information.  I’m  shooting for the end of 2016 for that launch.
  • More commissioned pieces – This year I had quite a few commissions and it’s something that I truly enjoy doing, working so closely with a collector.  So, I will be doing more marketing on that aspect of my business.

So, you can see that I will be pretty busy in the coming year.   With so much focus on the business side, I need to remember to make time for creating and just playing in my studio. I don’t want to neglect or forget my passion of creating art.

Having said that… here is an art journal page I created for my word.

Focus is my word for 2016. Art journal page created by


What’s your word for 2016?

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One thought on “My Word for 2016 – Focus

  1. Gina says:

    I love the art journal page for Focus. It’s such a great word! I’m excited you’ll be learning more about WordPress and writing an ebook. Those are great, actionable goals! Thank you so much for linking up with us and I wish you all the best with your goals and word of the year!

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