My New Passion – Balcony Gardening

Recently I moved from a home with a yard, to an apartment with a balcony.  It was a huge transition for me and my daughter, but we’re happier now than we’ve been in a long time.  New chapters bring new passions, and for me that’s balcony gardening.

Balcony gardening with succulents and Perennials

The yard at my home was large and my recent health issues just simply made it impossible for me to keep up and maintain.  Our 2 bedroom apartment and balcony is so much easier to take care of and I especially love it when something breaks, I simply contact maintenance.

Balcony gardening with succulents and perennials

I was able to bring many container plants I already had along with a couple of wicker chairs, metal side table and shelving unit.  I knew that I wanted to start  growing more succulents and perennials that would attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  We’re on the ground floor, so we have a larger balcony, it’s about 12′ x 12′.  Our’s is definitely the fullest and most decorated balcony on property and we’re proud of that! 🙂

Balcony gardening with succulents and perennials

The majority of my stands, containers and garden art are from thrift stores or re-purposed items.  You know how I love vintage items!  I did purchase a new bamboo screen to help control the afternoon sun  and some privacy from neighbors.   One of the rules here is that I can’t place nails into the balcony walls, so I hung this ceramic moon/sun on the screen.  Right now many of my plants are small or haven’t bloomed yet. But we’ve only been here 6 weeks and they are off to a good start.  

balcony gardening with succulents and perenials

One new skill I have learned is drilling holes in ceramic pots (thank you You Tube!).  I can’t believe how many great looking containers don’t have drainage holes.  One thing I knew I needed to have a successful garden was to have good drainage to all my containers.  This blue ceramic pitcher is one of many hand made ceramics that I converted to a planter.  It’s perfect for this Crown of Thorns plant.  This plant I purchased (along with an Aeonium succulent) from Urban Cottage Etsy shop.  Many of the smaller Hens and Chicks succulents I purchased from Mountain Crest Gardens and I highly recommend them.

The metal bar cart was also a thrift store find.  It was missing the front wheels, which made it lop sided.  But, I simply placed a short 2 x 4 underneath and it works perfectly now.

Balcony gardening with succulents and perennials

I love this metal and glass shelving unit.  I use to have it in my home, but here I have it in my balcony showcasing some Elephant Bush plants that are really taking off this Summer.  You’ll also see a birdcage, enamel colander, and wire fruit bowl that I lined with moss or coconut liner, soil and succulents.

Balcony gardening with succulents and perennials

I couldn’t resist this little red wagon when I saw it at Goodwill.  It’s even cuter with these cacti.

balcony gardening with succulents and perenials

I had 2 huge honeysuckle bushes at my old home that I simply couldn’t bring with me.  So, I purchased a new one and the humming birds are loving it!

Balcony gardening with succulents and perennials

I have many more pictures to share with you, so I put together a little video and I plan on creating more as my garden grows and also show you my growing house plant collection!

I also have some really inspiring Pinterest boards you may want to check out…

I’m still creating art and digital downloads, so don’t worry about that.  But, I did want to share with you what I’ve been up to lately and I hope you’ll come back soon for a visit!


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