September 2017 Calendar

September is usually the month most of the United States starts to see changes in the temperature and the colors of leaves.  The vibrant oranges, yellows, reds and shades of green are an artist’s palette.  I hope this September 2017 calendar captures those images.

September 2017 desktop calendar

Here in the Southwest it’s still a bit hot for the leaves to start changing, but we do enjoy growing Sunflowers.  

I don’t have the space to grow a field of Sunflowers, but I did plant some seeds in a container that already has a Lantana plant growing.  These are the dwarf variety and will stay small enough to grow in this container.

Just a little side note on this chair with the woven seat… I found a set of four of them next to the dumpster in my complex.  I couldn’t believe someone threw them away!  They were all in great shape, but I only took one to use has a plant stand and to hang garden art on the back rest.  So, technically it wasn’t dumpster diving!  I didn’t go into the dumpster, but had I seen it in there I would of probably done it! 🙂

September 2017 Desktop Calendar created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

September 2017 Desktop Calendar created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

If you’re looking for some Autumn inspired wall art, you can check out the Autumn Decor section in my Etsy shop.

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