Spring is Blooming Girl

It’s been a particularly cold and wet Winter here in Phoenix this year.  Which is actually a welcomed change for me.  I’ve been thinking of how much this rain will help my garden when it starts to bloom in the Spring.  So, the timing is perfect for me to finish up my next commissioned piece in a series of Seasons.  This Spring is Blooming Girl will be on her way to her new home soon, but let’s take a look at her creation…

Spring is Blooming Girl original canvas by www.carmenwhitehead.com

All of the pieces are on a back stapled canvas that is 18″ x 24″ in size.  The first layer of paint sets the tone and mood of the canvas.  The soft, but vibrant, colors of Spring.

Spring Bloom Girl background created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

The second layer is created with 12″ x 12″ stencils to cover a bigger area and starting to create more details.  I did a rough sketch of my girl so I knew where she would be.

Spring Bloom Girl created by www.carmenwhitehead.com

The background continues to grow and I also added some music sheets and book pages for more detail.

Spring Girl original canvas #workinprogress by www.carmenwhitehead.com


The Spring garden is really taking form now with butterflies, birds and dragonflies.   The initial layers of the girl is also added, lots more details to be done still.

Spring Girl original canvas #workinprogress by www.carmenwhitehead.com

Here is the final piece…She is peeking through a garden of flowers, birds, butterflies and dragonflies.  All the elements of Spring.   I’m happy that her face is much softer than my initial sketch.  I love the style of Tamara LaPorte of Willowing.org.  She really inspires me in my girl art and striving to get that soft and whimsical look.

Spring Blooming Girl original canvas by www.carmenwhitehead.com

She’ll be off soon to her new home and I’ll be starting the last piece in the series, Warm Summer Girl, so stay tuned for that!



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