Succulents in Wall Hanging Planters

When you love plants and buy so many that you run out of space, then you have to go up!  I recently purchased some succulents and planted them in wall hanging planters.  Space on the floor is at a premium in my apartment and balcony, so these planters worked out perfectly.

Succulents in Wall Hanging Planters - Carmen Whitehead Designs

I recently purchased some succulents from 2 vendors; Leaf and Clay website and Pence Plants from a Facebook group called Succulent Marketplace USA.  I was so pleased with the condition of both orders and I’m especially loving how they look in their new home.

The first plant I’m sharing with you is Ceropegia woodii, “String of Hearts” or “Rosary Vine.  I’ve been looking for this plant for quite a while and I’m so glad I finally found it!  The delicate little vines or strings are so long.  It take me a little while to untangle them, but I’m very pleased with the look of it.  This plant does great with indirect light and water only when soil is dry.  

I planted it in this wall hanging planter that has a catch basin for draining water.  It came in a pack of 2 from Amazon.

Succulents in Wall Hanging Planters - Carmen Whitehead Designs

In the second pot I planted this Hoya Hindu Rope plant.  Such a unique and interesting plant with it’s curvy leaves and stalks that look like braids.  It also will flower a nice pink grouping of little flowers.  This one also does well in indirect light and easy on the watering.

Succulents in Wall Hanging Planters - Carmen Whitehead Designs

For outside I purchased a 2 pack of cocoa lined metal baskets from Amazon also.   The String Of Pearls, or Senecio Rowleyanus, is a plant I’ve had a love – hate relationship with.  I love how it looks and drapes, but hate how it continually died on me!  The few times I tried to grow it was starting with small plantings.  This time I went for a more mature plant that came from a 6″ pot.  I also made sure I planted it in very well draining cactus mix soil and this cocoa liner should prevent it from getting too soggy.  Right now I have it in my patio balcony in bright indirect light, so it won’t be hurt by the Arizona sun.

Succulents in Wall Hanging Planters - Carmen Whitehead Designs

The second basket is a mix of plants; Kalanchoe Tomensosa Panda plant and Chocolate Soldier, Haworthia Zebra Plant, and some extra strings of pearls.  A second online shop I recommend is Mountain Crest Gardens.  I’ve ordered from them numerous times and I always receive healthy succulents.

Succulents in Wall Hanging Planters - Carmen Whitehead Designs

If you would like to take a closer look and some more information on the plants, check out this YouTube video I created…

Thanks so much friends for visiting and please come back soon because I always have something new!



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