Surprise Announcement!

Hi Friends!  I’m so happy to share a surprise announcement with you about design project I created for Mountain Crest Gardens.

Surprise announcement- Sticker design created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

I’ve created several succulent arrangements using their marvelous plants and I was over the moon happy when they contacted me requesting a design for their stickers.  

Sticker designed for Mountain Crest Gardens - Carmen Whitehead Designs

These stickers will be on boxes that contain their varied cuttings and rosettes.  I created a video showing my unboxing of these cuttings and the new sticker.

The cuttings and rosettes I received will be used for an upcoming Succulent Wedding Decor Series.  I’ll be doing tutorial videos on creating boutonnieres, corsages, head wreaths, centerpieces and a bridal bouquet.

So stay tuned for those videos and make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss them!




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