Vintage English Frame Makeover

I have many frames and pieces of artwork that I consider treasures found in thrift stores.  Sometimes all they need is a little dusting and other times they need a little more help.  This particular frame is very special to me because it has some history behind it and a connection to England.  Which, if you know me, I have an obsession with visiting England one day.
Vintage English Frame Makeover with Americana Chalky Finish by Carmen Whitehead Designs

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Table with Chalky Finish and Stencils

I’ve had this adorable little table for a few years now.  I rescued it from a thrift store and gave it a nice coat of red paint that I had on hand.  But recently I’ve been updating my show booth and this table is the perfect size to use on my larger table or on the ground.  But the red wasn’t matching the rest of my display items.  So out came the Chalky Finish paint and stencils.
Chalky Finish and stenciled table with DecoArt paint

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My Thrift Store Breakfast Nook

One of the reasons I love thrifting is the hunt for the treasure.  That one or two pieces that are such an incredible deal and can be brought back to life with a little TLC.  I have one area in my home that is decorated with 90 % of  thrift store rescues. Some of them have been painted and some have were just been cleaned up and placed on the shelf.  This is my breakfast room…

My Thrift Store Breakfast Nook by

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Fall Garden Art

Fall decor isn’t just for inside the house or doorway.  The last couple of years I’ve added seasonal garden art with decorative plate flowers, garden totems or bird feeders that I’ve made.  The thrift stores and yard sales are full of dishes, vases and ceramic pieces that can be used for garden art.

 Fall Garden Art created by

This ceramic pumpkin sits atop a plate, an inverted frosted plate and a vase.  I’ve place seeds on this plate and use it as a bird feeder. 

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