5 Photography Tips For Etsy

I’ve had my Etsy shop for about 4 years now and I haven’t been active with it for all of those years.  So, it’s experienced a little bit of neglect.  But, since the beginning of the year I’ve been working on it every day diligently.  But, as much as I search for the perfect keyword or the enticing product description.  If I don’t have good pictures I will, most likely, not be selling much.

5 Photography Tips for Etsy Sellers - Carmen Whitehead Designs

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My Favorite Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been searching for the perfect Valentine’s gifts for my two loves!  I’ve gotten my kids Valentine’s Day gifts since they were little.  I will admit as they got older it became more difficult, their tastes became more expensive and more picky. But, now I think they appreciate the more sentimental gifts as opposed to the more practical. 

My Favorite Valentines' Gifts from Etsy - Carmen Whitehead Designs

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Graduation Art Collection

May is here and so many families are preparing for graduation ceremonies, parties and next chapters in life.  It can be a happy and prideful time, but also a somewhat scary time for what the future holds.  Art work is a great way to show and give that graduate some encouragement, not only for the moment they receive the gift, but every time they see it.

Dream Big wm

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Torn Hearts Collection

I’ve been so busy this first weekend of the year!  I’ve been in my studio creating a Valentines collection.  I’ve named it the Torn Hearts Collection.  It’s not meant to be a sad collection, it’s simply the common thread in all of the pieces.  I didn’t want any straight cut edges in any of the canvases.  So that meant that I tore all of the papers before adhering them.  Hence, all of the hearts are torn.
The Torn Hearts Collection by Carmen Whitehead Designs

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