Awesome Gallery Walls

One of my favorite decorating techniques is creating gallery walls that tell a story.  I have several vignettes around my home that are all different, but each one has a theme and look that are unique. You can easily create them with the artwork and collectibles that you already have also.  I’ve compiled some truly awesome gallery walls to inspire you and I’m also sharing some from my own home.

Awesome gallery walls

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Paris Is Always a Good Idea

I’ve never been to Paris, France but it’s definitely at the top of my bucket list of places to visit, right after England!  You know what they say, Paris is always a good idea! Today I’m sharing a project for Bella Crafts Publishing and they are have been hosting a Paris theme all month long.  I decided to upcycle this dumpster rescue table and give it a Parisian look.

Paris upcycled table for Bella Crafts Publishing created by Carmen Whitehead Designs

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