5 Places To Sell Your Art Online

As artists we create for the passion and pleasure of creating.  I know some days I create just simply to practice a new technique.  But, for many of us it is a source of income and a way to pay the bills.  In this day and age, selling at galleries is not the most common or lucrative manner to sell your art.  You have to have an online presence if you want to sell and so I’m sharing 5 places to sell your art online.

5 places to sell your art online www.carmenwhitehead.com

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Back to School Gifts and Ideas

Are your kids back to school yet?  Do you have someone headed off to college?  School starts fairly early here in Phoenix.  My daughter started her Senior high school year on July 20th!  Now that’s early, but, she does get longer breaks throughout the year, so it does make up for it.  With so many kids and young adults headed back to school, I decided to put together gift ideas for you.

Back to school gift ideas

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Lotus Flowers are Blooming

Did I mention the obsession love I have had for Lotus flowers in meadows?  Well, it’s definitely manifesting itself in my art recently with several canvases.  Perhaps it’s because this beautiful flowers emerges within a murky pond and stands out among the foliage. It’s also a symbol of purity and beauty within the Buddhist and Hinduism faiths.

Three lotus flowers 2

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