Whale of a Canvas

I often ask my daughter her opinion of my works in progress. She’s a teenager, so sometimes her enthusiasm can be lacking and she would rather check her phone than come into my studio to look at what I’m working on.  But, she had a sensational reaction to my Autumn Hues Girl and asked me if I could create a canvas for her, but showcasing an Orca Whale.  I thought it would be a whale of a canvas (pun totally intended!).

Whale of a Canvas created by www.carmenwhitehead.com Custom orders

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Lotus Flowers are Blooming

Did I mention the obsession love I have had for Lotus flowers in meadows?  Well, it’s definitely manifesting itself in my art recently with several canvases.  Perhaps it’s because this beautiful flowers emerges within a murky pond and stands out among the foliage. It’s also a symbol of purity and beauty within the Buddhist and Hinduism faiths.

Three lotus flowers 2

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