Spring is Blooming Girl

It’s been a particularly cold and wet Winter here in Phoenix this year.  Which is actually a welcomed change for me.  I’ve been thinking of how much this rain will help my garden when it starts to bloom in the Spring.  So, the timing is perfect for me to finish up my next commissioned piece in a series of Seasons.  This Spring is Blooming Girl will be on her way to her new home soon, but let’s take a look at her creation…

Spring is Blooming Girl original canvas by www.carmenwhitehead.com

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My Breaking Heart Valentine Card

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, are you ready?  I love getting cards or presents that are handmade and thoughtful.  I remember when my children were small and they would make Valentine’s cards at school.  They were more precious to me than any Hallmark card.  I’ve created for you this week a card that hopefully will have that handmade and thoughtful feel.

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New Art Journal with an Old Book

I love to re-purpose things I already have and give them new life or another chance.  Last week I finished up my altered book art journal, but I already had another book waiting to be transformed for the same purpose.

New art journal from an old book by Carmen Whitehad Designs
This is the book I’ll be altering.  It is a Reader’s Digest from the 1960’s that I discovered at Goodwill.  It has a great sturdy cover and the pages are already yellowing, which is perfect!

Altered Book Tutorial

Recently I saw a You Tube video on how to alter a book into an art journal.  So, off to Goodwill I went to find some books to alter.  I already had some vintage books that I use for home decor and in my booth display during craft shows, but I wanted to preserve those.  I picked up a couple of books from the 1980’s that were the right size and the pages had just enough vintage coloring to them.
altered book, art journal book


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Something for Grandma…

Ever since I had children of my own, I’ve made my Mother’s Day gifts to my mom from her grandchildren.  My mom has 7 grandchildren total and 3 great grandsons (soon to be 4).  All of the grandkids have been taken care of by her, none of them ever went to daycare.  So, she has had a huge part in their upbringing.  Since Grandmothers are so special, I decided to make a canvas that was specially for them.

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