The Search for Truth Begins – Girl Art Canvas

This week I finished my latest girl art canvas that is titled “The Search for Truth Begins”.  This title was taken from a chapter title on a page that I used as part of the background.  I was so taken by the title and I thought it would be a perfect match for my girl.

Search for truth 6

The inspiration for her look came from my daughter Kristin, well she’s actually behind just about every girl I create.  But, the long black hair, hazel eyes and pouty lips are definitely her.  This is a larger canvas for me at 16″ x 20″, I’m getting much more comfortable working on larger pieces.

Search for truth 5

There are layers of vintage book pages, mono prints, acrylic paint, stencils, gesso, crackle paste, antiquing creme and modeling paste in different colors.  Lots of texture and details.

The clocks and numbers represent the time that rushes by, at least for me it does!  The flowers and butterflies are her innocence and natural curiosity.

Search for truth 4

Once I added this piece of the page I knew I had to try and save the text and this would be my canvas title.

Search for truth 3

Search for truth 2

Search for Truth 1

So, what do you think of her?  I’m really happy with the outcome.  Once sold, I will offer a limited amount of prints in various sizes.  This piece would make a wonderful addition to a young girl’s/woman’s room decor.  Especially if she has long dark hair, it’s almost like a portrait of her.

Stay tuned for the next girl I’ll be working on, I’ll give you a hint….Pink Hair!

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12 thoughts on “The Search for Truth Begins – Girl Art Canvas

  1. Vallee Rose says:

    Awesome Carmen. My mixed media is put on hold due to showing the house so hopefully I can sell it soon. But boy does it come from the heart when I do them – this one is awesome!

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