Thrifty Fall Table

Hi friends!  Today I’m sharing with you my Fall tablescape in my home.  This is my favorite time of the year, not only because the long hot Phoenix Summer is behind us, but I can bring out the decorations I’ve had stored away.  Every year I try to do my Fall tablescape a little different.  Last year I displayed my Blue Willow collection, this year I decided to do a more eclectic look of colors, but all of them being vintage thrift store finds.
Thrifty Fall Table by Carmen Whitehead Designs

As you can see, it’s definitely a mix of color, but I feel I have enough of the “traditional” colors here that say “Fall”, and I’m still able to use pieces I love but maybe aren’t a Fall theme.  Like this glass lantern that I found at my local Goodwill.  I loved the Moroccan feel of it and it’s one I actually will transition into my Christmas table later.
Thrifty Fall Table by Carmen Whitehead Designs
I use to sell hand poured soy candles in vintage teacups.  I kept all of my favorite ones and now display them throughout my home.  This daisy teacup set has a wonderfully vibrant orange-red to it and it really pops on this ivory table runner.  The silver goblet is my only silver piece I have right now, but a collection always starts with one.
Thrifty Fall Table by Carmen Whitehead Designs
I’ve shared with you before on my facebook page my garden plate flowers that I have in my yard, but I created this one specifically to showcase inside.  I was so fortunate to find all the right pieces and glued them together with some E-6000.  I’ve had it now for 3 years and it’s held together just fine.  It’s really a statement piece that I can use in any room.
Thrifty Fall Table by Carmen Whitehead Designs
I love this delicate little teacup set with the little feet.  It has a wonderful walnuts, fall leaves and gold trim look.  Also, both of the candles I have here are scented with Pumpkin spice and I don’t need to burn them to have have that aroma in the dining room.
Thrifty Fall Table by Carmen Whitehead Designs
The books shown here are old Readers Digest books and they are perfect for giving height to this patina lantern.  In the fore front is another plate piece I created.  I turned upside down a white cappuccino cup and glued it to this highly detailed dessert dish.  I use it to hold other items or display on it’s own.  The chalky finish pumpkins are the ones are created a few weeks ago for a blog hop. check it out here.
Thrifty Fall Table by Carmen Whitehead Designs
There you have it, something so simple and unique.  But the best part, it’s very affordable.   Thanks so much for visiting with me today!
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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Fall Table

  1. JackieP Neal says:

    What a beautiful vignette Carmen! Love those thrifty finds!!
    So happy to hear you will be celebrating with your family- how lucky to be able to share your holiday with your parents!! Good for you my friend! xxoo
    ~All good things~

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