Today I Am Grateful Canvas

November is one of my most favorite months!  The crispness in the air, the colors of nature at full peak, and the anticipation of a harvest meal on Thanksgiving.  But, today I am grateful for the small things in my life.

Today I am Grateful canvas - 10" x 8" original in acrylic by

Today I am grateful original acrylic canvas created by

The snuggles from my furry baby, Rosie.  The colors in my garden that are a second Spring here in the Southwest.  Quiet mornings with my cup of coffee on my back patio.  Taking a few minutes to pray, meditate and get ready for the rest of the day.

Today I am grateful canvas created by


This acrylic original 10″ x 8″ canvas tries to capture the colors and textures of Fall with this Sunflower.  The sentiment “Today I am Grateful” captures the feeling of the season and mantra of being thankful for the little things everyday.

Today I am grateful canvas - original 10" x 8" created by

Before I added the sentiment, I scanned this canvas and it will be the November 2015 downloadable desktop calendar for my Friends and Collectors List subscribers.

Join here to get all the goodies!

November 2015 downloadable desktop calendar available for subscribers.

These are just some of the little things that I’m grateful for today.

What are you grateful for today?





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