Unique Mail Art

Do you still write letters or send cards?  With email and text messages, it’s so much easier to send a quick “e-correspondence” instead.  I am still a snail mail user and advocate.  There’s something so wonderful about opening up an envelope and anticipating the words that were so carefully written.  But, there is something else you can do to make the receiving a letter unique and fun.  Have you tried mail art?

Unique Mail Art #snailmailrevolution

Creating art on an envelope can personalize it even more for the recipient.  So much that they will keep it as a piece of art! 

Unique Mail Art

You can use something as simple as washi tape and add some fun handwriting.  But, if you would rather break out some more art supplies such as paint and stencils, you can do what The Crafter’s Workshop design team did with these monoprint envelopes.  How fun!

Unique Mail Art


A couple of years ago I also created some envelopes using this same technique.  You can check it out here.

Unique Mail Art

Now leaving space for the address is very important (and appreciated by the mail service).  But, what if you designed your art in a way you can incorporate the address in it?  Naomi from Naomiloves.com has found such a way and is very good at it!

Unique Mail art

You see how she’s written the address on the stacked books?  It’s easy to read and still a wonderful composition. 

Even if you’re not that artistic, you can still create some unique mail art with using paper that’s already designed.  How about recycling some old calendar pages or maps?  

Unique Mail Art

It’s a great way of re-purposing and re-cycling.

Another easy way is to use stamps and ink.  How about a stamp that’s specifically for mail art?

Unique Mail Art

The holiday season is probably the most popular time for mail art.  @geniarusina does a wonderful job of this.

Unique Mail Art


These are just a few ideas for creating some mail art, but there are so many more.  

Do you have some ideas that you’ve used?

If you need some more inspiration, I have a Pinterest board just for Mail Art.  

Mail art pinterest board

Thanks so much friends for visiting and remember keep the #snailmailrevolution going!



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