Vintage Wedding Ideas – Pt. 2 – Using Vintage Furniture

A true vintage wedding would not be complete without this one element; vintage furniture.  It can tie all of your decor and ambiance together.  You can bring out your Grandmother’s old vanity table, or hutch, your Grandfather’s vintage typewriter or dresser.  In this case, the chippier and older the piece the better.
An instant alter is made with this rusty garden arbor, chippy white table and a family collection of vintage clocks, books and a typewriter.  The hanging planter chandelier is an unexpected surprise and fills an awkward space beautifully.
This vintage radio cabinet makes the perfect podium and alter.

This chippy dresser is perfect for a guest book or in this case a rolodex (remember those!).  Add flowers and an old picture frame and it’s perfect.


This desk looks like one I had as a young girl.  What a great idea to repurpose furniture that the bride and groom had when they were young, add some more family heirlooms and pictures to complete the look.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I had one of these typewriters, funny what things are now considered vintage I actually used!  The poloroid camera may not work, but adds a touch of whimsy.

This one is my favorite vignette, not only for the  beauty of the vanity, but the way family dishes were used for table assignment listings.  Now, granted you want to make sure you’re willing to part with the dishes if you’re going to use a permanent marker to list the table assignments, but what a wonderful keepsake.

I love the color on this buffet hutch and the unique use of empty picture frames.  Casual display of a dessert table, but so very elegant.

I never would of thought of using a small dresser for a cake stand, but this really looks wonderful.  It’s the perfect height and the drawers can be used to store plates, silverware and napkins until the cake cutting, dual purpose.

So do you see a running theme through all of these vignettes on using vintage furniture for a vintage wedding?  Taking the common and unexpected, bringing it outside or out of it’s usual environment and setting some pretty things on it (flowers, heirlooms, pictures) to complete the look.  What kinds of things do you have that you could use for your vintage wedding?

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14 thoughts on “Vintage Wedding Ideas – Pt. 2 – Using Vintage Furniture

  1. Jann Olson says:

    Carmen, I love vintage furniture both inside and out! Always fun to use them in unusual places. Like these fabulous photos you have shown. Love them all! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I have a turquoise typewriter like that and my grands love it!

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