Vintage Wedding Ideas Pt. 5 – Fabulous Dresses

I left the best for last in my Vintage Wedding Ideas series, The Dress.  Whether your wedding is vintage inspired or not, everyone will remember the dress you wear.  So to really complete the look or theme you want, put some thought into the dress selection.

There are many vintage style wedding dresses, it all depends on the era you are having as your theme.  Let’s start off with the 1920’s.  This theme is really gaining popularity now with the recent movie The Great Gatsby.  The dresses were full of ruffles and what was really unique about this era was the veil and cloche style hats that were worn and long pearl necklaces.
The 1940’s was all about Hollywood glam of a movie star dress. Long satin dresses were the standard.

But, it was also a time of war and many brides during that time used blue dresses or suits for their special day.  Add a hat with a soft veil, corsage and a string of pearls and you’re set.
But, the 50’s were all about big, elegance, lace and of course Jackie.
Even today brides look to her for classic elegance.  She really set a standard when she wore this dress.  But, brides that did not have the budget that Jackie had also set another standard that is quintessential with the 1950’s.  The Tea Length dress in lace is classic 50’s bride.
You can also buy a modern day dress and give it a 1950’s look with the classic pill box hat and veil.
The 1960’s was a return to nature and a more casual fitting dress.
Although this dress is a 1920’s dress, this style was often used in 1960’s weddings.
This one is my personal favorite.  I love the lace and 3/4 sleeve, and the length of it.  Simply beautiful!
What’s your favorite era for a vintage wedding dress?  All of them are beautiful and can make your vintage wedding unforgettable.
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7 thoughts on “Vintage Wedding Ideas Pt. 5 – Fabulous Dresses

  1. Ernestine J. Gray says:

    Love all these vintage wedding dresses featured here. I noticed, a lot of women go for vintage wedding dresses these days, well, why not, they are beautiful and classy. I love the 1920’s and the 50’s wedding dresses. It’s actually good to know that this type of fashion is coming back. Now, women have more choices when it comes to clothing.

  2. Brittany says:

    All of these dresses are beautiful and make me wish I had worn a vintage style dress!! I would have loved to wear my grandmother’s dress but she is so tiny it would have never worked for me.

  3. Coreen Ogilvie says:

    I love the last dress, too! Its nice to see dresses that were used years ago since they can serve as an inspiration to your upcoming wedding. However, there are times that you don’t have much time to focus on the preparations. It’s better to shop for your full wedding package and then add the dress that you love. Thanks for this post! 🙂

    Coreen Ogilvie @

  4. sartorial bay says:

    The reality is that wedding suits look great on you only when they fit you consummately. If the sleeves are somewhat more or shorter, then it will be an instance of epic fizzle. You cannot overlay them once again (as you do with your long pants) or you cannot tug at the short sleeves. On the off chance that, you are a tad thin, then the suit might hang a touch towards the shoulder, which won’t give you an exceptionally satisfactory look. Wedding suits for men, when tailored by professionals, are intended to make you look completely respectable. In this way, only a specially designed one might give you your perfect look by slipping into your physique as easily and as adequately like spread.

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