Watercolor Girl

I often will do sketches of girl’s faces and come back later to color them with watercolor or acrylic paint.  This week I did just that with this Watercolor Girl sketch using watercolor crayons and my aqua-brushes.

Watercolor pink hair girl

This sketch actually started out on my Strathmore Watercolor sketch pad with colored pencils.

face sketches 3

I wasn’t liking the grainy look, so I decided to paint over it with Neo Color II Watercolor crayons using my aqua-brushes.  I simply applied the crayon right over the already penciled areas and then activated it with the aqua-brush.  For the more detailed areas, I used a finer tip brush and took the color straight from the crayons.  See how much smoother and even she looks?

Watercolor pink hair girl

The one thing I love about aqua-brushes is the control of water you have.  To get the drippy effect on top, I simply flipped the pad upside down, colored in some purple and activated it with lots of water from the brush.  You can still see some of the detail lines in the hair from the original color pencil, it’s a nice effect.

So, remember you can always alter a journal page half way through if you’re not liking how it’s coming out.

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19 thoughts on “Watercolor Girl

  1. Neesie says:

    Great work Carmen, she’s stunning,
    I’ve never used an aqua brush, but you’ve inspired me to have a go.
    Thanks for sharing and happy PPF to you

  2. jo says:

    Wonderful work. Yes, I love water brushes as well. And I love the caran d’ache crayons and work with them a lot. Have you tried the Derwent Inktense Blocks yet?

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