Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Etsy Shop?

Social media is the most effective low-cost promotional tool for your Etsy shop. By using social media marketing to your advantage, you can grow brand awareness, connect with customers, and reach new potential buyers. Each channel has its own good and bad, making each one appropriate for different styles of promotion. 

Which Social Media Platform is right for your Etsy Shop?

Use this handy list as your quick-start guide to each channel’s best practices before you start your promotions.

  • Facebook
    • Best for: Giveaways, sharing shop news, press, blog posts, behind-the-scenes action, reaching a broad audience of many generations, linking to products and content
    • Not good for: Reaching younger audiences, including teens
  • Instagram
    • Best for: Strong visuals, hashtag campaigns, cross-promotion, attracting influencers, giveaways, behind-the-scenes action, reaching teens and millennials
    • Not good for: Very long posts
  • Twitter
    • Best for: Succinct posts, reposting, direct messaging, quick interactions with customers, retailers and influencers
    • Not good for: Long posts
  • Pinterest
    • Best for: Trend-lovers, on-trend products, visual thinkers
    • Not good for: Extensive or timely posts

With my social media marketing I first needed to figure out my style.  I wasn’t the type to share what I was having at every meal, nor could I schedule my posts out 2-3 months.  As an artist, I’m a very visual person and like to follow trends.  With this in mind, I realized that Pinterest was going to be my favorite and main social media platform, and Instagram a very close second.


This has turned out to be true.  Pinterest is now my main source of traffic to my Etsy shop and blog.  I recently wrote a blog post on just how I created Pinterest to be my best traffic source.

Etsy recently initiated a new social media marketing  segment for shops.  It enables you to promote directly from your shop sales, coupon codes, products and even customer feedback.

Which Social Media Platform is right for your Etsy Shop? - Carmen Whitehead Designs

This makes it so convenient to promote to all or just some of your social media platforms.  Another source for posting on multiple platforms is Buffer.  I’ve been using this platform for a while now and it makes it very easy and convenient for managing my social media posts.  There is a free version you can try out and then consider upgrading.  I’m currently on the $10 per month version and I really feel it’s worth the cost.

Which Social Media is right for you? - Carmen Whitehead Designs

If you’re new to social media, instead of attempting to promote your shop via every single channel, start by choosing one that’s a good match for your products and resonates with you personally. If you’re already socially savvy, making sure you’re using each network to its full advantage can boost your views.

I do hope these suggestions help you in growing your Etsy shop and managing your social media platforms.  Thanks so much friends for visiting!






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