World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is May 8th and I’m not doing my normal blog post about art or a tutorial.  I am talking to you about something that is close to my heart (and my body), Ovarian Cancer.

I am an almost 3 year survivor of stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer so any opportunity I have to speak to women about this disease and its symptoms, I will take it.  I have enjoyed so far 2.5 years of remission and I get a check up every 3 months with my oncologist.  At times it feels like I live my life in 3 month intervals, because I’m at high risk of a recurrence, but I continue to make plans for the future and live every day as a gift.
Dr. Oz has developed a wonderful checklist of the early detection signs for Ovarian Cancer that I encourage you to pin and print it for your use.  Early detection is key to long term survival with this cancer, so don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and concerns.
Also, one major myth about Ovarian Cancer is that a Pap Smear will detect it, that’s not the case!  A Pap Smear will detect cervical cancer only.  So, ladies knowledge is power!
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