Your Own Online Shop vs. Etsy Shop

About a month ago I shared with you my post on Etsy’s fee changes that were going to take place.  At the end of that post I mentioned to you that I wasn’t quite sure yet if I was going to stay with Etsy or open my own online shop.  Well, I’ve actually done both!  Let me explain…

Your Own Online Shop vs. Etsy Shop - Carmen Whitehead Designs

First, I took a good look at both my Etsy shops evaluating their profit margins, revenue in the last year, upkeep effort and sustainability. 

What I decided was to close my mug shop mainly because the profit margin was narrow and with the new added fees would be even more narrow.  This shop was also very seasonal having peaks at Christmas and May thru June for graduations, Mother’s day and Father’s day.  That was simply not enough to make the shop sustainable.

The Mug Life - Etsy shop with coffee and tea mugs for every occasion and event.

As for my print shop, I did a makeover of sorts.  I removed any note card packs that were left and also any mixed media art prints that I sold in different sizes.  Which means that shop is strictly instant downloads now.  Although, I do have a listing for a printing service if someone needs to have a file printed, they can purchase that listing.

I did look at the new Plus Package that Etsy is offering for this shop too. But, the extra tools they were offering really would not be of great use to my shop.  For instance, I already have a personal website and since my shop was all instant downloads I didn’t need branded shipping boxes at a discount.  

The introductory monthly price is $10 a month, but will increase to $20 in January 2019.  You do receive a monthly $5 credit towards promoted listings and 15 listing credits and that technically brings the price down.  

This is not to say that the Plus package is not a good deal or that you shouldn’t sign up for it.  It’s simply not a good deal for me.  I will continue with the standard tools we’ve always had on Etsy.

Now, on to my online shop here on this website.  I have downloaded the WordPress plugin shopping cart of Ecwid

But, you can also go to their website and open a shop to add to your Facebook page, Weebly or Wix.

I selected their Venture plan which is $15 per month for 100 items.  That is actually less than my monthly bill and it’s enough listings to keep seasonal items rotating.  If you have more items to list there is a next level for $35 per month.  But, you can also try out the free version and list 10 items.

The pros of having your own shopping cart on your own site:

  • You do not have any listing fee per item every few weeks
  • No transaction fee on sales
  • Ability to customize your store front 
  • It’s your store, not space on someone else’s platform

So, I will have both shops, but placing my marketing emphasis on my website and my own shop.  Pinterest is my biggest traffic source for my website and I will use that same strategy for my own online shop.

What about you?  Are you going to stay with Etsy and try out their Plus Package?  Or perhaps branching out on your own website and shop?  Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much friends for visiting and for all your support!




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One thought on “Your Own Online Shop vs. Etsy Shop

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